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coromo naturelの想い

選りすぐりの天然素材と優れた日本のものづくりの力を集め、安心で心地よい服づくりを心がけるコレクションです。カラダをいちばん近くで覆う、肌を包みこむ衣服だからこそ、自然からの恵みをたっぷりと受けて生まれたハイクオリティな天然素材のもので最高の着心地を体感いただきたい。着る人も作る人も環境にも地球にも、そして未来へも。みんなが毎日を健やかにイキイキと過ごせるサスティナブルなもの作りにこだわっています。 We want our customers to experience the highest level of comfort in high quality natural materials that have been blessed by nature, because they are the clothes that cover the body closest to the skin. We want our clothes to be comfortable for the wearer, the maker, the environment, the earth, and the future. We are committed to makIt is a collection that gathers the best natural materials and excellent Japanese craftsmanship to create safe and comfortable sustainable products that allow everyone to live healthy and vigorous lives every day.